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The maximum speed most frequently is a term for so-called never exceed speed.

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5), and it's capable of cruising considerably faster, though at a higher fuel burn.

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. CESSNA 172N Hawk 100 (1977 - 1977) Typical Price:. .

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    There are also three other types of speed that can be called "maximum speed": Vno (normal operation speed) is the maximum allowable speed of normal.

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    Related links to "Cessna 172SP Skyhawk".

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    " A pilot can expect to see between 95 and 105 MPH true from the 85- or 90-HP engines Cessna installed while burning about five gallons an hour.

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    The 140A seats up to 1 passengers plus 1 pilot.

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    Weight for 8750 Floats on a Cessna 208, 208B and 208B-EX: Amphibian System Total Weight: 1,678 lbs (761 kg) Amphibian Exchange Weight: 1,142 lbs (518 kg) 2 Seaplane System Total Weight.

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